Past Announcement      Published: Sat, May 15, 2021

Protest against Israel on Sun, May 16, 2021 - Press Release

For Immediate Release

We, the Muslim citizens of Central Pennsylvania, have watched in horror as Israel has escalated their baseline oppression of Palestinians into a full-scale, murderous war. They may present this as an act of defense, but leave no doubt that perception is only born by telling the story from the middle, ignoring the FACTS on the ground of long-standing, oppressive police-state actions.

These oppressive police state actions have recently been escalated with theft of homes in Sheikh Jarrah and the storming of Islam’s third holiest site - the Al Aqsa Mosque. Imagine troops trampling through, burning, and launching stun grenades in the Vatican – what would be the correct response then – and yet one group is told that the mere act of protest warrants heavy-handed police action and then is a “conflict” born of two equal sides? Segments of America are seething at wearing masks, how about one whose home of decades is forcibly bull-dozed, their
holiest of sites desecrated, and this done day after day, year after year, in escalated fashion?

In support of the very basic human dignity of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in humanity, to highlight the asymmetric nature of this “conflict,” to bring to the forefront what Human Rights Watch and Israel’s own B’Tselem have labeled as Apartheid 1, a broad coalition will be gathering at the steps of our capital. Please join us – human dignity has no ethnicity, gender, or religion!


Date: Sunday, May 16, 2021
Time: 3:00 PM
Where: State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA

Central Pennsylvania Committee of Masajid (CPCOM) represents a large number of Mosques in Central PA.

• Bosnian Masjid – Mechanicsburg, PA
• Hershey Musallah, Hershey, PA
• Harrisburg Masjid, Harrisburg, PA
• Islamic Center Masjid Al-Sabereen – Harrisburg, PA
• Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg (ISGH) – Harrisburg, PA
• Islamic Center of PA (ICP) – Mechanicsburg, PA
• Islamic Community Center of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA
• Lebanon Valley Mosque, Lebanon, PA
• Masjid Muwahideen, Harrisburg, PA
• Masjid Taufeeq, Mechanicsburg, PA
• Masjid Alnur – Mechanicsburg, PA
• Peace Center – Carlisle, PA
• United Islamic Association of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA


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